Healthcare Systems: Given the ever increasing costs of healthcare, iVox Solutions has hired industry experts in the Healthcare field to align the organization with the needs of various entities in the health care arenas. From healthcare insurance business process needs to representation via human interaction with the member, iVox has the ability to lower costs and increase clients’ profitability.

Travel/Concierge: Based upon our level of service our clients have approached us to develop and align their consumers’ needs congruent with the services in place. Our infrastructure, technology, and flexibilities allow us to work with our clients to share in mutual goals and objectives.

Fulfillment, Inventory and Warehousing: Through our Business Solutions Center, the fulfillment processing center is able to purchase, sell and distribute our clients’ products and collaterals to their end users. The fulfillment department also has the ability to report forward and reverse logistics to the client to ensure mutual objectives are met.

Pick, Pack & Ship: Whether online or hard copy order fulfillment initiated by the Business Solutions Center or via the web, our warehouse facility is equipped to fulfill orders from various industries. Our experience in this area stems back to the founding of iVox Solutions, under the name of Old Cell Phone Company where pick/pack/ & ship was the main focus with old cell phones. iVox also has the ability to kit assemble products and collaterals.