At iVox Solutions, LLC. we diversify our staffing to unprecedented degrees to adhere to our clients’ needs. We blend the traditional workforce of a cutting edge brick and mortar environment with the added value of a state of the art virtual workforce solution. This allows us to be able to excel in both environments, to create exceptional service and fulfill any client’s staffing needs.

We offer a “Design to Need” client alignment to provide quality programs that allow for flexibility for any partnership’s requirements. Using trend analysis, we innovate beyond the traditional call flow process to create a powerful customer experience representing your voice.

We have moved away from the definitions of call centers to a business solutions center that envisions a unique interaction for each client. Our flexibilities coupled with industry knowledge and understanding of changing environments, allow for mutual innovation and creativity to embrace our clients’ vision. We strive to ensure growth and value for the future of our clients.

  • Communications: Our dynamic communications allow for true partnerships that create mutual alignments.
  • Coaching and Accountability: Coaching our Certified Client Professionals ensures results that are in line with mutual cultural needs of our clients’ and the iVox mission.
  • Inbound/Outbound: iVox’s Business Solutions Center is able to perform inbound and outbound customer interactions based upon our clients’ needs.
  • Metrics: We ensure metrical responses that are proactive rather than reactive. We provide in-depth trend analysis to better prepare our clients for the future instead of responding to the past.
  • Processes and Procedures: The entire iVox organization is responsible for consistently reviewing policies and procedures to ensure our clients and iVox are ahead of current needs. In turn, this ensures our clients are prepared for exceeding their objectives and their own expectations.
  • Sustainability:We ensure an actionable workforce via looking beyond the current business needs allowing for growth and value for the future.
  • Logistics: iVox provides a full service fulfillment center that enables efficient distribution of our clients’ products and collaterals..