Mission, Vision and Mutual Alignments

Our Mission: “To integrate partnership solutions that promote positive client image, while adding value, growth and sustainability.”

Our Vision: “To be the world premier performance group by pioneering innovations to exceed client expectations.”

iVox Solutions is dedicated to innovating and inspiring our clients voice. With many traditional call centers, quantitative analysis measures their overall success. iVox Solutions deploys the Business Solutions Center with our customers to ensure mutual alliances. Due to our commitment to our clients’ objectives, we have changed the fundamentals on how to do business.

The alignments we create within our BPO Services and our Business Solutions Center are successful by utilizing industry experience to enhance innovations and creativity. In doing so, we transform the traditional logistics and call center functionalities through innovative creativity that inspires our client’s message to their customers. Pioneering and integrating our solutions with our client’s specific needs is our only approach.

“We strive to assist in our clients branding via innovation, inspiration and voice through human interactions.”

Rob Newton
Chairman Executive Officer
iVox Solutions, LLC



As iVox Solutions continues to grow at rapid rates, we are committed to changing and improving how we do business, which includes our infrastructure, our human resources and our profit ideologies.

Client Satisfaction

Our flexibility and ability to understand the needs of our clients allow us to develop strategic and mutual alliances to exceed our clients’ goals, objectives and maximize their return on investment.

A Team of Diversity

iVox Solutions is dedicated to the human resources we employ to ensure an engaging and enjoyable environment. It is our goal to continue to promote within our organization whenever possible. This dedication brings forth enormous drive and dedication from our logistics centers across the iVox Solutions organization. This also ensures high standards of attrition. We value our resources and strategic changes are not made without input from the organization at all levels, as they are the voices of our clients.


iVox Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with services based on the foundations of absolute integrity. This commitment is driven by our commitment to creating and nurturing strategic alliances and partnerships with our clients. We also expect our internal resources to adhere to these same high standards in every facet of the business. Our ability to achieve mutual strategic alliances with our clients is the core of our business. We value the trust our clients instill in us and hold their allegiances with the utmost respect and confidentiality. Each step we take to assist our clients in exceeding their goals and objectives is done with determination and pride.

Quality of Services

Our entire organization is driven to provide world class service. Every team member, at all levels, is responsible for pioneering new thoughts, innovations and creativity, to ensure our world class service that surpasses our competitors.

“Anything that would cause our organization to compromise our integrity compromises our clients as well.
We take our values as seriously as we value our clients.”

Henry Caldarazzo
iVox Solutions, LLC