Excellence in Call Center Services

We are business process improvement specialists built to handle all of your needs with the latest contact center technology. Focused on customized services, fast start-up times, revenue generation and outstanding customer value.

About iVox Solutions

iVox Solutions, LLC. since 2011 iVox has a executed as purpose-built provider of business process improvement and call center services. The leadership team has over 100 years of industry experience. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and are dedicated to developing strong partnerships that maximize client ROI. This ability, coupled with enormous flexibility, allow us to pioneer the next generation of services throughout various market and industry segments.

Our Team

iVox Solutions has a dynamic leadership team with areas of expertise in customer service, telecommunications, information technology, healthcare, financial services, and legal industries. Our clients are exposed to a different experience when the iVox team builds solutions to meet their needs. Our team uses our experience to be sure your customers always have the best interactions and highest level of satisfaction.

Only iVox Solutions gives you senior management involvement on every project and complete transparency with our open door policy. Every client has dedicated support from senior management team, we react quickly to our clients needs insuring iVox becomes an extension of your brand.

Want to drive better customer experience, improve business processes and drive incremental revenue? Experience our friendly and knowledgeable customer service by contacting us today.