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Our vision is to create a future where the convergence of hard work,
integrity, and cutting-edge technology transforms the call center
experience, setting benchmarks that redefine industry norms.

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How It Works


1. Onboarding

Your dedicated onboarding manager plays a pivotal role in assisting you in the establishment of your team by employing a well-established project management methodology. This approach encompasses a structured roadmap for team development, a comprehensive recruitment strategy, streamlined onboarding processes, a thorough training program, and a seamless launch phase. This orchestrated sequence of steps ensures that your team is not only formed effectively but also equipped to achieve its objectives with precision and efficiency.


2. Sourcing

Our recruiting team seamlessly executes the processes of sourcing to meticulously interview, assess, and curate a team that is meticulously customized to meet your specific needs. With a dynamic approach that combines proactive talent acquisition, in-depth candidate assessments, and a highly personalized team-building strategy, we ensure that the individuals selected are not just capable but perfectly aligned with your unique requirements. This careful orchestration of recruitment efforts results in a team that is not only proficient but also intricately fine-tuned to excel in their designated roles.


3. Training

Our training team takes a proactive role in facilitating the training process by collaboratively working with you to develop comprehensive training materials. Furthermore, they engage in the creation of an assessment process that is designed in close partnership with your team. This joint effort ensures that your team is not only equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills but is also guided along a structured path to validate their expertise. This synchronized approach guarantees that your team’s training is not only thorough but also strategically aligned with your organizational goals and objectives.


4. Production

Your exclusively tailored team is unequivocally committed to your organization, operating with a laser focus on your specific needs. Each member of this specialized team is under the vigilant guidance of a dedicated manager, ensuring that their efforts are perfectly aligned with your objectives. To uphold this dedication to your success, we implement a rigorous system of continuous monitoring, regularly inspecting key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals. This ongoing assessment guarantees that your objectives are met, and your team’s performance remains finely tuned to deliver optimal results, all within the framework of our unwavering commitment to your organization’s success.


5. Continuous Improvement

You will be strategically teamed up with a dedicated Operations Manager, serving as your essential partner in the ongoing quest for continuous improvement. This individual will assume a crucial position in assisting you in the proficient management of your projects. Their extensive expertise is not only aimed at helping you achieve your immediate goals but also at steering your course toward sustained excellence. This partnership is solidified by a shared commitment to fostering seamless communication, orchestrating coordinated project management, and the artful refinement of team dynamics. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring that your performance targets and objectives are not just met but consistently surpassed.


6. Growth

By partnering with iVox, you open the door to a myriad of opportunities that can significantly expedite your business’s growth, elevate its production capabilities, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately bolster your financial performance. Our strategic partnership empowers you to outpace the competition and achieve your milestones more swiftly, while also improving the precision and sophistication of your products and services. Moreover, we’re dedicated to fine-tuning your operational efficiency, ensuring that your resources are optimally utilized, thus allowing your organization to focus on its core goals and innovation.

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