Why Change

Why Should I Outsource My Call Center?

It costs 10x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Partnering with iVox allows you to focus your business on customer acquisition and growth while iVox provides excellence in customer experience. We provide custom, flexible solutions focused on building your brand while increasing your bottom line. Together we develop a plan, train our representatives in the ways of your business and then take it from there!


It costs 10x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one


Place your focus on your brand, customer acquisition and sales growth

Increase Revenue

iVox Increases your business revenues by turning customer service into a profit center

Build Your Brand

iVox delivers excellence in customer service to build your Brands Value and Customer Satisfaction

Why iVox

Why Should I Outsource to iVox?

You’ve worked hard to create a reputable brand with a loyal base of customers. You need a partner that will work just as hard. iVox knows how to immerse ourselves in the culture of the brands we represent. From staffing and training, all the way to fielding the most complex problems, iVox is committed to providing high quality omnichannel experiences that build customer loyalty in every interaction.

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Why Now

Why Relocate Now?

While the rapidly changing world you compete in is increasingly based on everything “as A Service” excellence in customer service is paramount. All interactions customers have with your brand is an opportunity to wow them and grow your business or lose them quickly. IVox understands that and builds it into our culture and the solutions we build for you. We listen, learn and deliver custom solutions for you, becoming a true extension of you. With iVox we turn customer omnichannel interactions into opportunity; opportunities to grow your brand and your business.

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