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Port St. Lucie,


Situated along Florida's Treasure Coast, Port St. Lucie is nestled between Miami and Orlando, making it an ideal location for your business needs.

  • 300+ Onsite & WFH Agents
  • Less than 7% Attrition
  • 33,000 square feet
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(WFH) Coast to Coast United States,

Remote Contact Center

Our remote contact center associate solution merges the quality and security of an on-site center with the cost structure and flexibility of a work from home model.

  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Attrition improvement
  • Onboarding curriculum and real-time coaching
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Guatemala City,


With the ability to staff 100% bi-lingual agents, Guatemala City, the capital and largest city of Guatemala, is a bustling metropolis nestled in the southern part of Central America.

  • 300+ Onsite & WFH Agents
  • Less than 6% Attrition
  • 100% Bilingual
  • 35,000 square feet
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Ilollo City,


Away from the hustle and bustle of the saturated call center market in Manila, Iloilo City, located on the southeastern tip of Panay Island in the Philippines, is a dynamic urban center known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, and economic significance.

  • 400+ Onsite & WFH Agents
  • Less than 4% Attrition
  • 160,000 square feet

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iVox Customer Solutions


Customer Care

Delivering exceptional customer experiences with 24/7 multichannel customer service support through phone, email, chat, and social media. Let us strengthen your brand's reputation with a proven track record of customer satisfaction through creating meaningful connections. We pride ourselves on active listening, empathy, timely response, and personalized solutions that leave customers feeling valued, heard, and satisfied.


Technical Support

Exceptional tech support extends beyond technical know-how. It entails patient communication, clear explanations of solutions, and a genuine commitment to assisting users in navigating complex issues. Great tech support transforms frustration into relief by not only fixing problems but also empowering users with a deeper understanding of their technology. This will build lasting relationships, leading to reduced churn and increased customer advocacy.


Sales and Revenue Generation

Our call center sales and revenue generation teams are highly skilled at driving sales and increasing revenue through outbound and inbound interactions. This team will engage with potential customers over the phone, via chat, or via email to promote products, services, or special offers. The primary objective is to convert leads into paying customers, upsell or cross-sell to existing customers, and ultimately contribute to the company's financial growth. Proven track record of conversion rates as high as 50% (based on the campaign type) through guiding prospects through the buying process, addressing their objections or concerns, and securing the sale.


Social Media Management

Enhance your online presence with effective social media management. Our team creates, schedules, and publishes content, engages with your audience, and analyzes performance metrics. Ultimate access to expertise in social media strategies, current trends, and a consistent and engaging online presence. This allows you to focus on core business activities while ensuring that your social media efforts contribute to brand growth, customer engagement, and overall business success.


Supply Chain / Order Processing

Improve your overall operational efficiency by letting us handle your order entry, verification, and processing by ensuring accurate and timely order fulfillment. Our team of experts will manage relationships, coordinating procurement activities to ensure a steady supply, provide customers with real-time updates on their order status and delivery to enhance transparency and communication. We will even handle the process of returns, exchanges, and refunds, ensuring efficient and customer-friendly resolution. Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking included such as order accuracy, on-time delivery, and fulfillment cycle time, and using data analytics to identify areas for improvement and help you drive business growth.


Answering Service

We offer a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to reduce in-house costs. Let us help you manage daily communications and customer interactions. This solution offers 24/7 call Answering, specific messaging and basic information, screening and forwarding urgent calls to appropriate personnel, relaying detailed messages, booking appointments, emergency dispatch, virtual receptionists, and more. Guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction, and ensure that all calls are handled professionally and efficiently.


Back Office Support

Focus on your core functions and let iVox handled the administrative and operational tasks. We specialize in delivering comprehensive back-office services to include data entry, order processing, account setup and management, quality auditing and analytics, research and analysis, content moderation and security, customer support (post sale, queries, issue resolution), invoice and billing management, document management, compliance and regulatory support, inventory management, procurement and vendor management, IT support, Sales support and other administrative tasks.


Chat Support

Let us take care of your customer’s needs via chat and help you build stronger relationships and continued business success. Our team is highly skilled and ready to handle your chat support needs with professionalism and efficiency. Our approach is rooted in commitment to delivering customer service that is second to none for all service departments. Your customers will receive prompt responses, accurate information, and a friendly, personalized interaction. 24/7 chat support will ensure your customers are assisted whenever they need it most, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Helpdesk / IT Support

Dependable partnership is key to smooth operation of your technology infrastructure and iVox gives you just that. We understand that technology issues disrupt your business operations and creates customer dissatisfaction which is why our skilled Help Desk and Technical Support teams are committed to resolving problems swiftly and effectively. Technical glitches, troubleshooting software and hardware issues, or providing guidance on IT-related concerns, we are there for you and your customers 24/7 ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

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