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We provide end-to-end customer support solutions and only dedicated agents to businesses of any size at competitive prices.

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Pricing Model Table
All-Inclusive Dedicated Model iVox@Home Shared Agent Model Seat Leasing Workforce Mgmt &
Data Analytics
Global Support
Flexible Space
Technology &
Capacity Planning
Real-time Management
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Highly qualified resources recruited, trained and employed by us to serve as a high-performing extension of your local teams.
Full outsourced management of your operations, including support, training, QA, & WFM. KPI performance managed to meet or exceed expectations.
Contact center CRMs customizable to your specific needs. State of the art contact centers, modern work environment, secure server rooms, generator back up and robust W@H technologies.
Dedicated workspaces, hardware and software, redundant network connectivity, generator back up and enterprise-grade telephony platforms.
Access to shared services such as IT support, facilities management, recruitment, HR management, payroll and more.
Global Support
With state-of-the-art facilities in the US, Guatemala and Philippines and our ability to go coast to coast Work at Home, we offer a truly global solution for your outsourcing needs.
We provide state of the art space for businesses that needing fully built out and operational call center space.
Technology and Teams
Ready to Scale We offer fully functional workstations, inclusive of hardware and an IT team to support our clients 24/7 at minimal cost (other providers are more expensive) Our sites are specifically built to cater to scaling businesses.
Capacity Planning/Forecasting
Capacity Planning Specialists who ensure optimal resource allocation and operational efficiency - forecast call volumes, analyze staffing needs, and develop strategies to meet service level goals while balancing cost-effectiveness.
Real-time Management
Real-Time Management Specialists responsible for monitoring and optimizing agent productivity and operational performance on a real-time basis utilizing workforce management tools, analyzing call center metrics, and making immediate adjustments to ensure service level targets are met while maintaining operational efficiency.
On demand scheduling from assigning tasks, shifts or appointments to employees based on our clients predetermined timelines and SLAs.
Reporting Analyst providing insights and analysis to drive operational excellence and improve customer satisfaction responsible for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data related to call center performance, agent productivity, and customer interactions.

Model Overview

All-Inclusive Dedicated Model

This is our traditional, end-to-end outsourcing solution where we drive operational performance & KPI success, Quality Assurance, training and a complete range of shared support services.


Flexible solutions to keep your contact center or back-office operations up and running remotely with the same rigorous operational standards, redundant network connectivity and continuous improvement initiatives that you’d find in any of our delivery centers —all from the safety and security of our employees’ homes so your business never misses a step.

Shared Agent Model

This is our traditional, full-scope outsourcing solution where we drive operational performance & KPI success, Quality Assurance, training and a complete range of shared support services.

Seat Leasing

Our seat leasing solution eliminates the capital investment of building a brand-new site by providing turnkey facilities at a moment’s notice, giving you the option to grow as needed in a state-of-the art facility while you maintain control of your operation.

Workforce Mgmt/Data Analytics As-A-Service

Assigning the right people at the right time and at the correct cost will enable your organization to respond to fluctuating production goals without compromising quality.

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